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Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery

we already know its fast,
but we give you much more




more cargo carriage per journey than any drone delivery solution today



lower capital and operating expenses compared to other drone delivery solutions



more flexible deployment than any traditional delivery methods 


Instant bookings

With our AI-powered superapp, finding a suitable drone delivery solution is just a few taps away. Fully connected to all our stakeholders, its a one-stop solution for everything you need. 

Integrate your backend logistics with our app now!


Work with, not against

Our delivery solutions are designed to reinvent the middle mile while working in synergy with your existing first and last mile logistics solutions. 


Transfer points are intelligently identified by our superapp and the rest is effortless.

Drone and Truck.png

Versatile fleet

1kg to 100kg payloads. We have them all, and that provides us the flexibility to meet delivery needs in the most time and cost effective manner. 

Together with our network of ports and hubs, we have a powerful suite of delivery options for any middle mile challenge.

Ports & Hubs

Ports & Hubs

sounds cool today,
but w
hat about practicality and costs?




cheaper to build than conventional air mobility ports at a fixed location



faster scalability and downsizing according to air mobility needs



net zero carbon generation and fully reliant on renewable energy

Container port.png

Stackable, movable 

Our drone hubs can be easily expanded just by adding more container modules. Designed to be modular, a variety of configurations are possible to suit space constrains.

When needs shift, so can our drone hubs. Just truck it to a new location and its good to go!


Transform coastlines

Rivers, seas and lakes. With our mobile floating ports, any water body can become a super-system of ports with a plug-and-play installation process.

Our ports can even be outfitted to grasslands or city outskirts, maximising the reach of air mobility solutions. 

Solar boats.png

Offshore power 

Equipped with solar panels and hydrogen generation capabilities, our ports form an offshore grid that generates net positive power from renewable sources alone. 

Connected in a daisy chain, our ports can do more than just power drones. They can power entire households too. 

AAM Towers

AAM Towers

solving power and communication constraints

once and for all




stronger communications coverage than traditional RF, 5G or satcomms



more stable communication link between the drone and any ground system



longer range than any traditional communications used for AAM

Laser, 5G and more

From laser-assisted radio to high altitude optimised 5G, our communications modules cater to various air mobility vehicles operating at various altitudes. 

Zero integration needed on drones or other platforms. Just plug-and-play!

Laser and 5G.png

Highways in the sky

A powerful communication system also provides security and oversight. Our 2-in-1 detection and ranging capabilities ensure that only authorised platforms operate in the sky.  

Real unmanned traffic management starts here.


Install anywhere

Cell towers, skyscrapers, billboards. Our modules can be installed on any high-rise structure with no impact on other communications systems. 

Where needed, our bespoke team of experts can also construct communications towers ground-up.

Financing & Insurance

Financing & Insurance

creating an inclusive and affordable ecosystem,

for all stakeholders




upfront capital requirement for purchase or leasing of cargo drones 



microinsurance coverage for drone deliveries anywhere in the world 



instant and data-driven  transactions on the blockchain via a tokenised exchange


Partner friendly  

Being an operator-partner has never been more inclusive. Our drones and ports are available for hire purchase or lease. Complimented by our ecosystem of hardware and software, the on-boarding process is incredibly easy.  

Open to both individuals and companies, approval is fully digital and instant. 


Full coverage

We work with brokerages around the world to provide AI-powered three-point public liability, hull and cargo insurance coverage to all our delivery operations.

This coverage also extends to our partner operators, meaning they can start operations from the get go. 


Tokenised exchange

Our exchange platform enables land or water space owners to tokenise their existing assets for use in drone operations. Our platform intelligently assesses suitability for ports, hubs and towers. 


With our exchange platform, no dedicated and additional real estate will be required for advanced air mobility. 

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