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The Uber for drones. The first and best of its kind.

Our story

DroneDash is on a mission to build highways in the sky for advanced air mobility needs. Established in five different countries in Asia, DroneDash is transforming the potential of drones today and unlocking many other use cases tomorrow.

Positioned as an air mobility infrastructure company, DroneDash invests in key assets across Asia for a fully connected ecosystem that starts with drone delivery. We use innovative fintech and sustainable solutions that provide attractive yet ethical return of investment for all stakeholders, government and private. 

Together with our partners, we have delivered tons of cargo by drones and beamed petabytes of data wirelessly. Our end users do not just save costs by tapping on us, but they greenify their business too. 

Our transformation promise to you



less carbon emissions per package compared to land or sea shipping



faster dispatch times for packages compared to conventional methods



more productivity gains by freeing up existing middle mile logistics resources

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